Back to the Basics of Glamping

Back to the Basics of Glamping

The Great British Festival Season is underway and we are now very busy at GBG HQ having been out on the road to various events already this year.  Amongst the busy-ness and organised chaos of loading, building, hosting, packing-down and loading again we thought it would be good to take you back to basics a little bit and look at the essence of what we do.

In this instalment of our blog we look at what Glamping actually is, how popular it has become and we also tell you a few of the many ways you can Sleep Under 5 Stars with us; be it at one of the festivals we are involved with, a beautiful Festival Wedding or just a good old party!





  1. a form of camping involving accommodation and facilities more luxurious than those associated with traditional camping.

“glamping is likely to satisfy any city slicker seeking a little refuge in nature—without foregoing any of life’s luxuries”

Above is the ‘official’ definition of Glamping.  We would go one step further than the above: Glamping with us does not just mean facilities more luxurious than traditional camping, we would like to think that it is about making your experience more exhilarating by eliminating the difficult and frustrating bits that camping brings, and raising the bar on your whole experience.

Research from Google’s Digital Garage, a free online training service for businesses, shows a 118pc year-on-year rise in Google searches for glamping (May 2016).

Paul Reed, general manager for the Association of Independent Festivals, said: “We have seen a significant rise in glamping and more family orientated events and this can be attributed to a change in demographics-many people who grew up attending festivals now have children but still want to go to events and not compromise on comfort. 

Matthew Bagwell, director at Naked Communications, a consumer experience consultancy, said: “A generation of festival goers have now grown up and they want to relive the festival experience – but in a more civilized way. Glamping is a halfway house between a festival atmosphere and having home comforts.    

These days a lot of people would rather have a tailored holiday experience with their children running around in the countryside – and a return to nostalgic experience – than a standard packaged holiday.”

When you go glamping with us at Great British Glamping, you are, as we like to say, sleeping under 5 stars.  Your bell tents come equipped and furnished so your packing list is considerably less; which is incredibly handy, especially if you have children. We can provide onsite reception facilities, toilet hire, pamper tent service and lots of other additions, to make sure you are never without their creature comforts, be it at a festival, party, wedding or any other event.

Interested?  See below for what we offer and where and how you can get involved!

Festival Weddings

Holding a festival-themed wedding can bring you so much more than a more traditional wedding.  Festival weddings are vibrant, colourful, and often much more unique and memorable because you can effectively handpick every aspect of your event.

Glamping tents and marquees in a field are blank canvasses for you to choose your colours, themes, flowers and detail.  You are not tied down to venue finishing hours or wine choices.  You can choose when and where you hold it, what you dance to and what you eat.  Your guests are offered flexible and fun canvas accommodation onsite and you can extend the party into the following day too, giving you precious time with those that may have travelled a distance to see you.

Whether you choose a more formal more elegant affair for your outdoor wedding or select a more chilled casual festival vibe, we would love to help you plan and execute your perfect festival wedding and we are brimming with ideas and contacts for your vision to be brought to life. 

Please click here to read our blog on planning a festival themed wedding.


Great British Glamping is delighted to be involved with a number of festivals throughout the festival season and again at our festivals we provide the client with a level of luxury that a normal festival experience wouldn’t provide.

Arrival at the festival and find your beautiful bell tents already fully equipped and furnished for you so you don’t need to lug a huge amount of stuff from home.  If you are going to experience the thrills and spills of everything that a festival brings you then it’s very reassuring, handy and adds a bit of luxury to have Great British Glamping on hand to make your experience just that little bit easier.

There are still some tickets left for some of the 2017 festivals so for more information visit our Festival page or say hello(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)

Events and Parties

It’s still perhaps not something that many people consider when they think about celebrating a big birthday or a special event, but providing glamping accommodation for your guests for a party or even going the whole hog and holding your very own mini festival is such a unique and memorable way to celebrate that is certainly a little more special than a hotel or local pub!

We can provide a fully bespoke, decorated and furnished village of tents to house your guests, reducing the need for late-night taxi runs and keeping the party going on into the night.  In addition, many of our clients use our tents as a space to put tired children to bed, or as a chill-out option for those in need of some quiet-time. We can be as involved or hands-off as you like with the final set up and work on a completely bespoke basis so talk to us for more information on how to make your event unique and memorable.

We hope that this blog has gone some way to explain a little bit more about Glamping in all its refined glory.  As always, we are always delighted to talk through with you about any ideas or occasions you’d like to celebrate.  We often have ideas and plans that you may not have thought of so why not get in touch?  We can be contacted by email on hello(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)">hello(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign) or directly by telephone on 07919 021 912.

Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to stay in touch with all the festivals and exciting plans we are working on this year; don’t be shy!