Planning a Fun-Filled Family Festival

Although many people would gasp in horror at the idea of taking your children along with you to a festival, there is definitely a shift in the industry toward more family-friendly festivals.  An ever-increasing number of events are actively embracing the family-festival vibe and it’s now more common than ever to see family groups enjoying the live event scene.  In fact, many families now use festivals as a great mini-break; the array of live music, acts, entertainers and workshops combined with fantastic atmosphere and a sense of outdoor adventure is a very popular choice.  Roll-in a glamping accommodation option and it really couldn’t be easier to escape to a festival with the children in tow.

Great British Glamping is a family business, and with two young boys we appreciate many of the challenges that going to a festival may bring!  In the years that we’ve been working with different festivals, we have been so pleasantly surprised at just how well some of them cater for children and just how easy it can be to take them along with you for a truly great British weekend!

Here are some of the more family-friendly festivals we work with:

3 Wishes Faery Fest

The 3 Wishes Faery Fest in Mount Edgcumbe Country Park, Cornwall on 15th-19th June is the UK’s largest and most famous faery festival.  It is brilliantly child friendly and under 7s get in free.  They have lots of music acts to suit all ages and tastes together with a quieter camping area for those that have children or prefer a quieter night.  Most people get completely into the spirit of the event by dressing up which would delight most children!


The Staxtonbury Music Festival held on 7th-9th July in Staxton, near Scarborough, North Yorkshire makes no secret of the fact that family groups are their main priority.  The entire site is enclosed and safe with designated family areas as well as a multitude of attractions the question will be what will the children do next rather than what will the children do! 

They go to town on children’s entertainment for all ages, from Magic Mike Shows, Punch & Judy Shows, Little Steff’s Musical Storytime, they also have free tennis, football and golf coaching and the most popular of all ‘Farmer Tom’s’ Haystack.  There is an arts and crafts Marquee as well as children’s discos on the Friday and Saturday evenings. Not to mention bouncy castles, slides, bunjees, quad bikes, waterbalz, climbing walls, zorb footballs and the list goes on!

Faerie Festival

The Faerie Festival in East Sussex on 19th– 21st May is a small but beautifully formed festival that caters amazingly well for children.  Under 5s are free and their children’s activities are also provided by a specialist entertainment company at no extra cost, providing a wide range of activities from dressing up, dancing, puppet singalong, toys, sandpits and lots and lots of bubbles!

Tips and Advice

We know how much ‘stuff’ having children means you haveto bring with you when you leave your house.  Our beautiful bell tents are at all three of the festivals above and come equipped and furnished allowing you relative luxury without having to pack everything you may need before leaving home.

Here are a few tried and tested tips that we have gleaned over the years for you to bear in mind when planning your family festival:

  • Pack wipes, wipes and more baby wipes!  (Perhaps also potty for tiny glampers)
  • Get a cheap waterproof poncho for your children, (and you maybe!) they sell them in most discount shops so you don’t have to worry if they get ruined, but they’ll stop the damp getting in if the weather isn’t kind
  • If your children are younger then take a decent pushchair of the three-wheeled variety if you can, or a sling if you have very little babies.  It provides somewhere to rest and sleep for tired legs
  • Pack lots of little and easy activities for your children, stickers, colouring books and a few of their favourite toys
  • Lots and lots of snacks
  • A small first aid kit is always handy, with Calpol, bite/sting cream and plasters and don’t forget sun cream and sunhats
  • Be prepared for every type of weather – this is the UK after all.  Layer your children up so that they stay warm and dry
  • Always let them dress up – neon face paints, glitter and hairspray are big favourites at GBG HQ
  • Consider ear protectors if you think the music may be loud

Most of all – have fun!  If you’ve been to festivals pre-children, then your experience this time around will be just a little bit different.  You will love seeing the excitement and joy on your children’s faces as they run around and discover new and crazy things.  Don’t forget to enjoy yourself, break the rules a little bit and you’ll be surprised just how adaptable children can be!

If you are attending any of the festivals that Great British Glamping is a part of then please do give us a call or send us a message to find out more about how we can help you make it that little bit easier, whether you have children or not, we’d be delighted to chat through some options with you. 

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