What is and why go Glamping?

The word ‘Glamping’ might sound like a bit of a nonsense but it was coined as a way of representing a recent twist on the traditional camping holiday and is a portmanteau of ‘glamorous’ & ‘camping’ – in essence taking the concept of camping and making it appealing to a wider audience.  Moves towards more glamorous camping started to appear around ten years ago and the word soon started to appear in more common use.  While it might offend the more traditionally minded camper, glamping has risen in popularity over the last decade and shows no signs of slowing down either; there are now many well-established luxury camping sites across the world and the use of luxury or boutique tents and other structures is commonplace at festivals and events globally.

So what does glamping actually entail?  It is essentially camping under the stars but with the added benefits of some of the home comforts you’d expect at home or in a boutique hotel.  At Great British Glamping we offer a range of similar but distinct glamping experiences – all designed to give great degrees of comfort whilst still recognising and embracing the fact that ultimately you will be sleeping under canvas in the great outdoors.

We cater for private events such as weddings and parties – where you may want to provide sleeping accommodation for your guests onsite but don’t have the rooms or equipment to do so yourself.  We can effectively build a pop-up hotel for your guests to ‘check-in’ to on arrival, drop bags, change, make-up and chill before the party or wedding, and of course being on-site makes the end of the event very easy indeed; guests have only a few metres to walk to get to their beds.

We also offer a concierge glamping service, where you get to stay in one (or more) of our beautiful natural canvas bell tents. You simply tell us when and where you’d like the tent and once you’ve booked the pitch we arrive before you to pitch the tents, set-up the furnishings and make everything ready for your arrival, leaving you to relax and unwind without any of the usual hassle associated with arriving at a campsite.  After the stay, we arrive to strike the camp and deal with the equipment, making the end of the experience as easy as checking-out of a hotel.

Great British Glamping also love festivals.  We specialise in providing pre-erected and furnished accommodation to festivals across the UK, and work with festival organisers to ensure real value is added to the festival experience.  You’ll see our pop-up boutique glamping villages at various festivals across the season, and we’re working behind the scenes to expand our service and offering. We take delight in making the festival experience as fun and hassle-free as possible.  Perfect for couples, groups and of course families who want to maximise their enjoyment at the festival and not have to worry about bringing and putting-up their own tents.

Whichever way you choose to go glamping, you can be certain it will provide a new set of memories for you to cherish.  Embracing and adventuring into the outdoors but from a base that offers relative luxury and comfort is ideal.  You really do get to enjoy the best of both worlds.

So, is glamping for you?  There are, obviously, camping purists who wouldn’t dream of moving away from what they know and enjoy, but there is a large swathe of people who are put-off the thought of sleeping under canvas or roughing it in any way.  Some of these people won’t enjoy glamping – and that’s fine.  But for others glamping offers a great introduction into staying outdoors without having to sacrifice all the comforts of home.

If you want the experience of camping but none of the hassle, then glamping is something you should try.  It’s fun, it’s relatively low cost and it’s definitely a good way to appease family or friends who aren’t so keen on outdoor living.  It’s simple, relaxing and kids absolutely love it.  It’s perfect for a romantic treat and also for using as a base to enjoy a festival or wedding.  So, why not sleep under 5 stars and give glamping a go…?