2015 Season Review

As the outdoor part of 2015 for Great British Glamping draws to a close and activities turn toward packing-down, cleaning and sorting kit before storing for the winter, we thought we’d take a look back at what was a fairly busy season.  Aside from pre-season activities and meetings with clients and suppliers, attending trade shows, conferences and exhibitions, our first large event was back in May (only a few days after a major house move too, just to keep things interesting).  We headed to the Welsh mountains to build our village in the beautiful scenery that’s home to Fire In The Mountain, a charming folk-inspired celebration that draws festival goers from across the UK and beyond.  The initial fair weather soon turned typically ‘seasonal’ for Wales and we ended-up packing-down in some of the worst rain we’ve encountered.  Thanks to a few days of fine sunshine once back at HQ – and some fantastic help from friends and family – we managed to get everything dried-out and packed ready for the next outing.  The next festival took us to Cornwall – a GBG favourite – and we created a glamping village at 3 Wishes Faery Fest which afforded perhaps the best views our guests would enjoy all summer.  The weather was on side this time and long sunny days ensured happy times at this great family festival.  We then hit a busy period which meant lots of time out on sites and little time in between to re-charge and re-stock.  A run of several festivals on the bounce saw us spread far and wide, with time in the Home Counties, North Yorkshire and the South West.  We worked with some fabulous festivals, met some great people and gained a host of new friends.

July rolled into August and we headed towards our final festival of the 2015 season, Fieldview Festival in Wiltshire.  This year’s theme at Fieldview was certainly well planned; Club Tropicana vibes spread to the British weather and a mini-heatwave bathed the festival site in three days of glorious sunshine.  A simply stunning new site and a great line-up rounded-off the festival season in style.

In between the festivals we catered for a range of private events, such as weddings and parties, and also tried-out some new equipment and methods of operating.  We travelled over 4,000 miles, hammered around 5,000 pegs into various bits of the country (not to mention pulling-them out again), hosted over 400 people as guests under our canvas, sold-out at six festivals and created some beautiful bridal suite tents.  Some of us even wore glittery facepaint…

2015 was fun, busy and at times stressful and even a bit scary, but here at HQ we’re already well into planning for 2016.  One consistency across this year that we are committed to carry forward into 2016 is the quality of service that we give to our clients and guests – this is something that we hold in very high regard and simply won’t compromise on.

Thank you to anyone who’s been a client, guest, supporter, friend or general good sport in 2015 – we appreciate each and every one of you.  Here’s to a great 2016 – we hope to see many more of you on the next stage of the journey.

Blog image courtesy of Rupert Barker – many thanks!  Check his work out here www.rupertbarker.com